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(image for) Elegant Designers Choice

Elegant Designers Choice
Price: $150.00

The stunning, elegant designer's choice bouquet makes a statement for a special someone. This large vase arrangement will have the designer's ... more info

(image for) Designer's Choice Low and Lush

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Max: 5
Designer's Choice Low and Lush
Price: $90.00

If you can't decide on a specific bouquet let our incredibly talented designers chose the best assortment of flowers to create a custom bouquet ... more info

(image for) Newport Succulent Garden

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(image for) Sold Out
Newport Succulent Garden
Price: $90.00

Our Newport Succulent garden is an incredibly trendy and stylish low maintenance gift! Featuring at least five different premium, hand selected ... more info

(image for) Decatur Succulent Garden

Decatur Succulent Garden
Price: $70.00

A selection of 5 assorted low maintenance succulents planted in a white ceramic bowl. These plants require bright indirect light. Let the plants dry ... more info

(image for) Hawaiian Orchid Lei

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Call for price
Hawaiian Orchid Lei
Price: $60.00Call for Price

We have limited quantities of these beautful Bombay Orchid Leis! They incredibly popular and we sell out quickly as so many people are looking for ... more info

(image for) Kendall Anthurium

Kendall Anthurium
Price: $60.00

These incredibly popular Anthurium plants love bright indirect sunlight and a humid environment. To increase humidity feel free to mist them daily. ... more info