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Out of Town Orders

Why can't you place out-of-town orders any longer?

The designs on our website were created by our designers, not FTD, Teleflora or somebody else. We use quality flowers, purchased locally when available. It's difficult to find other florists across the country that can duplicate what you see on our website - most just don't carry the types of flowers you'll find here on a regular basis.

Several years back we gave up our membership in the wire services - FTD and Teleflora.
They like to consider themselves a florist's partner but in reality they are driving florists out of business.
Their arrangements are unrealistically priced and impossible to duplicate. We'd had enough!

Broadway Floral never did fit their mold - we're not a 'cookie cutter' florist. Years ago we took a different path, deciding to carry quality rather than quantity, not to carry the mugs, baskets and overpriced holiday containers that end up at the Thrift Store or as a White Elephant gift.

So what to do?

Save $10 or more by ordering on line or calling yourself!
Use Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a local florist - a real local florist - and place your order directly with them.

But you've got to watch out for those that portray themselves as being local - take a look at their About Us or Contact Us page.
•  Are they really in the locale that they say they are?
•  If you’re phoning and unsure, ask them for their physical address.

You don't want to be duped into ordering flowers for your great aunt who lives in a small town from a florist in Los Angeles, Detroit or New York!

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